2019 R+T Turkey, Istanbul International Door & Window Exhibition

Issuing time:2019-02-28 11:14

R+T Turkey, Istanbul International Door & Window Exhibition, Turkey is a professional trade show dedicated to rolling doors, doors/doors and sun protection systems. It will be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center from November 28th to 30th, 2019.

Eurasia Window & Door & Glass, a Turkish glass door and window exhibition, has been recognized by the World Exhibition Union UFI for its 17-year-old exhibition. It has achieved remarkable results and is well-organized. It is the world's second largest window and door industry exhibition. The scale of the exhibition has expanded year after year, and the number of merchants entering the conference has also increased dramatically. It has a very important influence in the areas where Europe and Asia are handed over and North Africa. The exhibition will showcase the world's most advanced and latest window and door glass products, door and window manufacturing equipment, door and window glass hardware, etc., providing a rare purchasing and trading platform for furniture manufacturers and product distributors in Asia and the world. The industry is well received.

The international exhibition covers an area of 110,000 square meters. A total of 665 companies from 26 countries participated in the exhibition, with a total of 57,681 professional visitors. The 4-day exhibition provided a platform for product display and technical exchanges for domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers from the door and window glass industry, and gained a better understanding of the trend of the Turkish construction industry, as well as the company's development of the Turkish market. , a good shortcut to enter the European and surrounding markets.

Liaoning Alger Industrial Co.,Ltd participated in the event and exhibited at 403C.Liaoning Alger Industrial Co.,Ltd will display sealing materials,sealants,accessories,door and window handles,and provide a varity of quality products and after-sales service to meet various customer requirements.


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