Common problems and solutions in the production of insulating glass

Issuing time:2019-06-10 15:43

In the process of insulating glass production, the following problems often occur:

The first seal:

1. Butyl rubber extrusion, burr, not smooth.

Processing methods:

(1). If it is a new machine, you should first observe whether the glue hole is smooth, if the glue hole is rough, you should first grinding, then try the machine;

(2). If it is an old machine, because the temperature sensor of the domestic equipment is sometimes not sensitive, thedisplay temperature is not consistent with the actual temperature, so it should be on the basis of the display temperature, press a gradient of every 5 degreesupward until the glue is normal (note: the glue head temperature should be about 5 degrees higher than the temperature of the glue cylinder).

2. Butyl adhesive non-stick aluminum and glass

Treatment: the usual reason is the low temperature, it is recommended to increase the temperature to the appropriate.

3. The second seal is completed, and butylglue cold flow appears after a period of time

Suggestion: if the two sealants used are the products that meet the standard requirements, there are two reasons for this situation: A, excessive curing agent, B, uneven stirring. "The remedy to the case" can be solved. If the products used do not meet the standard requirements, non-stick glass, low strength is inevitable. Therefore, the use of substandard products should be strictly prohibited.

Problemsand causes of insulating glass products

1.      Fogging inside insulating glass

Reason l: due to the unstable quality ofthe two-way sealant and the high content of low molecular weight, it migrate sand volatilizes to the inside of the insulating glass under the sun's ultraviolet radiation, resulting in fog formation;

Reason 2: a seal was broken;

Reason 3: the four connection parts werenot treated with butyl adhesive;

Reason 4: poor quality of desiccant, in the sun irradiation, the release of low molecular matter, resulting in fog.

2.      Hollow glass condensation

Reason l: molecular sieve has unstable quality and low adsorption capacity;

Reason 2: first and second seal failure;

Reason 3: The four connections were not handled properly.

3.      Insulating glass self-explosion

If it is a large area of tempered glass self-explosion, it is a quality problem of tempered glass. In addition, it issuggested that the glass edge should be ground as far as possible to eliminate the stress and reduce the glass cracking.

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